Can Lasers Be the Key?

New discoveries in the benefits of laser therapy are making waves in pharmaceutically dependant medical world.

We live in a world that for decades has fantasized about a future with flying cars and laser guns. Now lasers have begun to make their mark, not only on the battle field, but also in the medical world. Laser technology has lead to safer surgeries, faster recoveries, and is now getting us back to our feet?

That’s right; a second look at the benefits of laser therapy has revealed that low energy laser therapy affects many, physiological processes including cellular respiration and gene expression as well as stimulates regenerative processes. This could make them the key in new treatments being developed to treat and maybe even cure spinal cord injury. The major problem with repairing the spinal cord is scar tissue. Over the last decade or so various new ideas in the treatment of spinal cord injury have emerged, some becoming very promising, but all with the problem of getting signal past scar tissues. Various studies in the past couple of years have shown that procedures done involving the use of lasers have lead to more function ability in the patient and less scarring.

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