Dyslexia Training

What is Dyslexia?
A description of symptoms and interventions.

July 20, 2017
9:00-11:00am PST
Location: online
Fee: $25.00

In this two hour webinar you will be introduced to the signs and symptoms of dyslexia and learn about many popular myths. You will be introduced to different approaches to help students with dyslexia improve their reading and spelling. We will also discuss current accommodations available to children and adults with dyslexia.

*If you are unable to join us live you can still view the recorded version through August 20, 2017!

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Become a Dyslexia Advocate!

The Dyslexia Training Institute offers a Dyslexia Advocate Certificate Program!

This program is designed to teach participants about the Individuals with Disabilities and Education Act (IDEA), FAPE, IEPs 504s, appropriate accommodations, letter writing, how to request and receive appropriate services and interventions, dispute processes and resolutions, as they all relate to a student with dyslexia. Upon completion participants will have the information they need to effectively work with families and the school districts to ensure the laws are respected and that children are receiving the services they need.

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New Dates Posted!

Structured Word Inquiry,
Dyslexia Certificate Program,

Reading Comprehension, Orton-Gillingham, Special Education Advocacy courses…

We have it all at DTI. Our classes fill up quickly, so don’t miss your chance.

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Do you have your copy of Dyslexia Advocate yet?

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