Current Projects

DON has committed $140,000 to this project, the Lawrence County Redevelopment Authority is providing funds for property renovations and new home builds, the Lawrence County Land Bank is providing properties, Lowes is providing discounted materials, DON will commit funding for the new home builds, and Eckles Architecture and RCI Co. have provide all home designs. The County and City are demolishing several homes in the area and are assisting in providing initial properties marked for renovation. We are also working on leveraging our current funds, so we can have a greater impact on the area.

The first couple of rehabbed properties will be given to individuals receiving Waiver services. DON is determined to help individuals on a waiver become homeowners, as they face greater barriers to accessible and affordable housing and are at higher risk of living in substandard housing or being institutionalized. The new homeowners will be provided with both pre and post home ownership counseling and must have an employment goal. Additionally, individuals will receive employment services and intensive budget training.  Combining housing with employment provides individuals a solid foundation to build upon.  This will increase an individual’s independence and well being, while decreasing the  costs on insurance and other governmental resources.