Employment Services

Employment Skills Development
Job Finding
Career Assessment
Benefits Counseling*

Authorized via:
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Office of Long-Term Living
CommCare, Independence and OBRA Waiver Services
Under “Employment First” Initiative – Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Employment Skills Development

Services designed to provide learning and work experiences, including volunteer work, which is meant for the participant to develop skills and build strengths that will lead to paid employment in integrated settings. Employment Skills Development services can be a needed first step to getting a person ready for work and learning to integrate into a workplace.

Job Finding

This is an individualized service that assists participants to obtain employment that is competitive and integrated into the community. Job Finding identifies and/or develops potential jobs and assists the participant to secure a job that fits their skills and preferences and also meets the employer’s needs. Job Finding may include customized job development based on an individual need that matches an employee with certain skills and strengthens to the needs of an employer.

Career Assessment:

Career Assessment is an individualized employment assessment process used to identify potential career options based on the interests and strengths of the participant. Activities include a review of participants works and volunteer history, situational assessments for a variety of jobs, development of a Career Assessment Report and other career discovery options.

Benefits Counseling:

We have two trained Community Partner Work Incentives Counselors on staff that can review benefits that an individual is receiving and how employment will work in conjunction with benefits which may include social security income such as SSDI or SSI income; food benefits through SNAP; subsidized rent; or health insurance coverage. This is offered to provide an accurate, individual assessment regarding work incentive programs so the person can plan for how employment income will impact them financially.