Information & Referral

Information and Referral is a key component to Disability Options Network as a Center for Independent Living.  At its center, information and referral means that we, as a CIL, have compiled a wide range of resources in order to help consumers (individuals with disabilities) to make an educated decision, and to help streamline a sometimes difficult process. We put ourselves in a place to help consumers with any problems they may encounter as they attempt to complete a goal.

While we encourage Independent Living by providing the contact information for other organizations so the consumer can speak with them on their own, we are more than willing to help sort through the sometimes long and tedious paper trails to find the right group to talk to. Often, we have had a similar situation in the past and already know who is at the end of the long list of phone numbers and can get our consumers in direct contact with who they need right away.

Other times, we take the time to speak with multiple sources to find the best fit for the situation as we understand it.