Employment Services

DON Services is an approved provider of Employment Services authorized under the Medicaid Waiver program, both Office of Long Term Living and Office of Developmental Programs.

DON Services employment program offers five core services — Career Assessment, Skills Development, Job Finding and Job Coaching along with Benefits Counseling.

DON Services supports the philosophy that anyone that wants to work can be a valuable contributing member in a career, whether it be full-time or part-time employment. We are dedicated to assisting those with disabilities that are interested to explore work opportunities as a way to increase their financial health through paid competitive employment. DON is a great resource to learn about work incentive programs, on the job training programs and how employment can still be possible even when you need personal assistance services provided through Medicaid Wavier programs.

Career Assessment – Community Based Assessment (CBA)

A CBA is a process. based on real or simulated work experience. It is designed to gather information about the participant that will assist in determining vocational direction for the individual. The end results are based on evaluation through observation of the individual’s physical capabilities and vocational data with realistic options which exist in the labor market. This assessment is used to determine in an individual can perform the essential functions of work and is ready for competitive employment.

Job Seeking Skills Training

This service focuses on instruction of skills and behaviors needed to secure and maintain employment. These skills include, but are not limited to, computer use in a job search, interview skills, resume and cover letter development, appropriate networking skills and various role plays.

Job Development & Placement

This service provides a supportive collaboration between the participant and  vocational specialist (sometimes called a job developer) designed to assist the participant in locating, securing, and maintaining employment. The participant is expected to be an active participant in this service by working diligently with a Vocational Specialist to secure employment. The Vocational Specialist will assist the participant to develop an active networking and employer contact list and use a variety of public job search options. The Vocational Specialist will also assist the participant with job application and well as interview preparation.

Job Coaching

This service is designed to give the participant extra support and instruction after the participant has secured employment. These services will be delivered by the Vocational Specialist through on-site visits to the place of employment and provide supports needed to assist the participant to maintain and be successful in employment.

Benefits Counseling:

We have two trained Community Partner Work Incentives Counselors on staff that can review benefits that an individual is receiving and how employment will work in conjunction with benefits which may include social security income such as SSDI or SSI income; food benefits through SNAP; subsidized rent; or health insurance coverage. This is offered to provide an accurate, individual assessment regarding work incentive programs so the person can plan for how employment income will impact them financially.

DON Services is also affiliated with Ticket to Work (TTW) offered by Disability Options Network, the Center for Independent Living.

TTW is an incentive program designed by the Social Security Administration to remove barriers to work that individuals who receive social security benefits face when they consider returning to work. Participating in the TTW program allows individuals to maintain their benefits when they begin working and eliminates the “medical disability review” requirements usually associated with returning to work. The program provides free employment series like resume preparation, interview skills, job searching and support.